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Make your SMM 30X cheaper with AI Marketers

Industry and Product Relevant Content On Your Behalf

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MarketOwl is the right choice if:

Your AI-powered Marketing Team.

Now with expanded capabilities for B2B and B2C, including LinkedIn and Twitter content management.

Less time on marketing, more on growing your business!

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Monthly marketing budget below $1000


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No or little marketing expertise

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Have no time to handle marketing on your own


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You want to understand and control 

Autonomously Writes And Schedules Posts

  • Takes only 1 hour a month (!) to approve content
  • Boost your brand’s presence on LinkedIn, Twitter (plus from 1000 organic reach)
  • Boost you Social Selling Index (from +5 to +30) and Acceptance Rate
  • Control your content settings in bulk to craft posts in diverse or uniform styles at your command.
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Unique Features

How Do We Save Your Time

Autonomous Content Crafting

Just Click "Create Posts" and Leave The Best of Them


Possible to Change the Publication Time Manually

Content Setting in Bulk

One Setting to Get Diverse Content Pieces (Style, Size, Quantity, Personal Touch)

Target Audience Management

MarketOwl Works for Your Product Audience, but You Can Change it Anytime

Custom Strategy on the Back

Channels, Messages, Content Plan, Best Practices and Formats

Multiple Accounts Management

Content Marketing for unlimited LinkedIn and X Accounts from One Place

Four Simple Steps to Use MarketOwl

Marketing strategy
1st Step: Describe Your Product
Just describe what you're selling, and our AI will start crafting your marketing strategy.
Approve Marketing Strategy

2nd Step: Get and Approve Your Marketing Strategy
Receive a tailored marketing strategy and confirm your target audience segments.

AI-Generated Content

3rd Step: Review AI-Generated Content

Check the content written by AI. What you approve will be automatically published over the month.

AI content

4th Step: Monthly Review and Repeat

Return each month to review new AI content and repeat the process, starting from step 3.

Success Stories: Focus on LinkedIn

  • Experience a notable rise in LinkedIn's Social Selling Index (from +5 to +30 in first month).
  • Increase your network engagement and establish a strong personal brand (from +400 to +3500 in first month).
  • Achieve better visibility and higher conversion rates in B2B markets.
Linkedin Social Selling Index

Let’s save your time and money

Start with a free marketing strategy for your product and explore our 10-days trial to automate your content creation and publishing.


What’s Next for MarketOwl: Expanding Horizons

Upcoming: Enhanced B2B Social Media features and multi-account management. Future AI marketers include LinkedIn Outreach Manager, Community Manager, and more, catering to diverse marketing needs.

Our goal is to democratize marketing with a suite of AI marketers, making high-quality marketing accessible to businesses of all sizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does "30X Cheaper AI Marketers" imply in MarketOwl?

By comparing the average salary of marketers in the USA to the future cost of MarketOwl's full package, we've found that automating 90% of marketing tasks and reducing your marketing time to 10 hours a month can result in a cost that's 30 times less than traditional marketing expenses.

How does MarketOwl enhance my brand's presence on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook?

MarketOwl regularly writes and publishes content, increasing platform loyalty to your account. This content is relevant to your target audience, built upon a marketing strategy developed at the outset.

Can you describe how MarketOwl's AI develops a marketing strategy from my product description?

Our AI identifies three potential customer segments that are likely to be interested in your product, considering its features and unique selling points. It then describes these segments in detail and revisits them whenever creating content or activities.

What improvement in LinkedIn's Social Selling Index (SSI) can I expect with MarketOwl?

Regular posting with MarketOwl impacts the 'Engage with Insights' part of your SSI, which is 25% of the total. Users can potentially increase their SSI by 25 points, with an average increase of about 10 points in the first month. You can check your SSI for free here: https://www.linkedin.com/sales/ssi

How does MarketOwl's four-step process simplify marketing for users without deep marketing or AI knowledge?

We've streamlined the marketing strategy on the backend, requiring users only to confirm or enhance their product's target audience descriptions. This simplification is achieved through specific questions tailored to your product.

What are the future updates and features planned for MarketOwl?

Our roadmap includes enhanced features for B2B Social Media and the introduction of new AI marketers, like LinkedIn Outreach Manager and Community Manager, expanding our suite to cater to a wider range of marketing needs.