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AI Chief Marketing Officer

Instantly create a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to your audience. Effortless, effective, and entirely automated.

Choose MarketOwl AI LinkedIn Marketer if you:

Struggle to define target audience and relevant messages and channels
Want to get strategic vision of product promo for free
Promote your product on B2B or/and B2C markets
Lack deep marketing expertise but desire impactful results

4 steps to get Marketing Strategy and Publish Content

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1st Step

Generate your marketing strategy by simply describing your product by formula below. If your product appeals to B2B and B2C, create a separate strategy for each audience with the same product description.

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2nd Step

Approve proposed segments of target audience. You can edit values of multiple parameters to fit audience description to your strategic vision.

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3rd Step

Generate content for different social networks. You can delete, regenerate and upload media. All the left on Posts tab will be considered as approved content.

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4th Step

All approved content will be automatically scheduled and published at optimal for your target users time.

Basic Impact


up to 10 minutes
to get basic marketing strategy

Up to 30x

Cheaper Than Traditional Marketing


Enhanced Engagement 

With content and strategies tailored to your specific audience segments

Total Control 

Refine and personalize your strategy anytime

Let’s save your time and money

Create your Marketing Strategy completely free


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is included in the AI marketing strategy generated by MarketOwl?

Our AI marketing strategy encompasses descriptions of three target audience segments, sample messages, and digital marketing channels tailored for each segment, forming a comprehensive social media marketing and strategy plan.

How can I utilize MarketOwl AI to create a marketing strategy online?

To create a marketing strategy with our AI, just set up an account, go through the onboarding, and describe your product. This process aligns with creating a content marketing strategy in digital marketing, delivering a tailored plan quickly.

Is the AI's marketing strategy customizable for various digital and social media marketing strategies?

Absolutely, the AI's content marketing strategy can be customized for different industries or niches, making it a versatile content marketing strategy tool for both B2B and B2C models.

How comprehensive is MarketOwl AI’s content marketing strategy?

The AI-generated content marketing strategy plan includes detailed audience segmentation, diverse messaging options, and a selection of digital marketing channels, forming an effective digital content marketing strategy.

Can I adapt the AI-generated content strategy in digital marketing as my business grows?

Yes, the content strategy in digital marketing by MarketOwl AI is adaptable. You can update your strategy to reflect changes in your product or business model.

What types of channels are considered in the AI’s content digital marketing strategy?

Our AI considers a wide range of marketing channels, both online and offline, ideal for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for social media and other digital platforms.

How can I integrate my existing digital marketing strategy with MarketOwl AI's strategy?

You can easily integrate your existing digital and social media marketing strategy with our AI-generated plan. Just create a strategy with MarketOwl and contact us for seamless integration.

How often should I revise my digital marketing strategy with MarketOwl AI?

It’s recommended to update your digital marketing strategy up to three times per strategy slot, ensuring a consistent and effective approach in your content marketing strategy plan.