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AI LinkedIn Marketer

Auto-generate and auto-schedule posts that are relevant to your audience. No-time-wasting and no-prompt approach. 

Choose MarketOwl AI LinkedIn Marketer if you:

Need to Boost Social Selling Index
Want to spend less than $5 per post
Want to spend less than 5 minutes per post to craft and publish
Aspire to excel on LinkedIn but lack the know-how

4 steps to get auto generated and auto scheduled content

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1st Step
Receive a marketing strategy just by inputting your product description and customer location.
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2nd Step

Connect your LinkedIn account and 'Generate Content' for LinkedIn, tailored to your audience segments. Edit, approve, or re-generate posts, download media.

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3rd Step

Your tweets will be automatically scheduled for the most optimal times to engage your audience. Return in a month for fresh, ready-to-go content.

LinkedIn Content with AI, automated marketing
4th Step: Monthly Review and Repeat

Return each month to review new AI content and repeat the process, starting from step 3.

Basic Impact


Higher Sales Conversion
Because of higher SSI

Up to 50x

Cheaper Cost per Post



Time on Marketing Issues

Human Control

Check Generated Content

Let’s save your time and money

Get 14 days free access to the AI LinkedIn Marketer.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does an AI LinkedIn Marketer automate LinkedIn posting?

The AI LinkedIn Marketer automates LinkedIn posting by developing a long-term content calendar for LinkedIn, using engaging article formats tailored to your audience. It then creates drafts for review and edits, streamlining your LinkedIn content plan.

Can I manage and edit automatic LinkedIn posts generated by the AI?

Absolutely. You can edit text, upload media, or use the LinkedIn post planner to delete and regenerate posts, fully managing your LinkedIn content calendar.

What is the frequency of automated posts on LinkedIn by this tool?

Our LinkedIn auto posting tool schedules up to 12 posts per month, targeting one post per audience segment (User Cohort) weekly, optimizing your LinkedIn posting calendar.

How does LinkedIn automated posting affect my Social Selling Index?

Regular automated LinkedIn posts enhance your Personal Brand and Engage with Insights segment of the SSI, potentially increasing it by up to 25 points, which is critical for your LinkedIn marketing plan for business.

What organic reach can I expect with LinkedIn post automation?

The organic reach for each post varies with your network's engagement. On average, LinkedIn automated posts reach 8-9% of your audience, enhancing visibility on your LinkedIn content calendar.

Can the LinkedIn content scheduler adapt to my evolving marketing strategy?

Yes, our LinkedIn content scheduler updates your strategy and audience segments based on product description changes. For specific adjustments, contact us for personalized content planning on LinkedIn.

What impact does the AI have on LinkedIn sales conversions?

Increased SSI and active presence through our LinkedIn content planner positively influence sales conversions, encouraging responses to your outreach.

How does the AI save time in LinkedIn content creation and scheduling?

Our tool saves up to 90% of the time you'd spend on content creation and publishing for LinkedIn, allowing you to focus on personalized touches within your LinkedIn content marketing tactical plan.

What differentiates your AI LinkedIn content creator from others?

Our AI content creator for LinkedIn stands out by automating the entire content creation and scheduling process, aligning with your overall LinkedIn marketing plan and eliminating the need for manual post planning.