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Efficient B2B Social Media AI Marketing at Your Fingertips

Truly automate your social media content across Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Perfect for small B2B businesses, from startups to consultants, offering expert solutions globally.

B2B Social Media AI marketing

Tailored for Small B2B Businesses

Leverage AI-driven content for impactful social media presence, even without a dedicated marketing team.

Save time and resources while reaching your ideal clients.

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$49 / mo for LinkedIn + Twitter Content Marketing


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LinkedIn Outreach Invite-to-Accept Conversion Growth

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Organic Reach and Social Selling Index Growth in First Month


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Takes up to 1 hour / month to Approve Created for You Content

B2B AI Social Media Marketing: Now Available

  • Unlimited, almost ready-to-publish content generation

  • Up to 90 tweets, 12 LinkedIn posts, and 12 Facebook posts per month - optimal posting strategy

  • Single account management for multiple personal and business profiles across all platforms

  • Edit content, upload media

  • Let AI schedule your posts for optimal engagement
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Unleash the Power of Automation:

MarketOwl's AI effortlessly crafts and schedules up to 90 precision-targeted tweets, 12 LinkedIn posts, and 12 Facebook posts each month. Experience the reach and engagement of continuous, high-quality social media presence

Intuitive Multi-Platform Control:

Seamlessly manage all your social media profiles — personal and business — from a single, user-friendly dashboard. MarketOwl's AI integrates your diverse social media strategies into a cohesive plan, working across Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook

Content Customization at Your Fingertips:

While our AI handles the heavy lifting, you retain full control. Easily edit content, upload custom media, and add a personal touch to AI-generated posts. Your unique brand voice is always at the forefront

Smart Scheduling, Maximized Engagement:

MarketOwl’s intelligent algorithm not only creates content but also determines the optimal posting times. It ensures your posts reach the right audience at the right time, maximizing visibility and engagement

In-Built Marketing Expertise:

With the foundational marketing strategy as its guide, MarketOwl's AI aligns every post with your business goals. It understands your target audience's preferences and crafts messages that resonate, turning your social media platforms into lead-generation engines

Simplified Yet Comprehensive:

Despite its sophistication, MarketOwl is incredibly easy to use. A few clicks are all it takes to set your entire month’s social media strategy on autopilot, giving you more time to focus on other critical aspects of your business

“Since using MarketOwl, I've saved an astonishing 10-15 hours a month managing my company's social media and my personal LinkedIn page. The efficiency and time saved have allowed me to focus more on my business's core aspects without compromising our online presence.”

“Starting a new company involves countless tasks, but thankfully, content creation isn't one of them anymore. MarketOwl crafts relevant content for our business, requiring no more than 30 minutes of my time each month for creation and approval.”

“Our Twitter was practically dead, clueless about what to post. With MarketOwl, our feed is now vibrant with witty jokes related to our product, reaching around 8,000 people! It's impressive seeing such engagement, especially when our followers count is much less.”

“By automating content for my LinkedIn accounts used for cold outreach, I noticed a slight increase in conversions from invites to acceptances in the first month alone. The fresh, lively content probably made my profile more appealing, demonstrating that active accounts lead to better results.”

Four Simple Steps to Use MarketOwl

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1st Step: Describe Your Product
Just describe what you're selling, and our AI will start crafting your mareting strategy.
2st stepCreate a content marketing strategy, Content digital marketing strategy, Content marketing strategy in digital marketing, Content strategy for digital marketing, Content strategy in digital marketing

2nd Step: Get and Approve Your Marketing Strategy
Receive a tailored marketing strategy and confirm your target audience segments

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3rd Step: Review AI-Generated Content
Check the content written by AI. What you approve will be automatically published over the month

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4th Step: Monthly Review and Repeat
Return each month to review new AI content and repeat the process, starting from step 3.

Proven Impact on Social Selling Index

Witness a remarkable rise in LinkedIn’s SSI – from 5 to 30 in just two weeks, empowering your LinkedIn marketing

Social Selling Index

Let’s save your time and money

Take the first step towards automated B2B social media marketing. Try it free and see the difference


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does MarketOwl automate SMM for B2B companies?

MarketOwl automates SMM by creating and scheduling relevant content across multiple platforms. It identifies target audience segments and develops a content strategy, ensuring regular, impactful posts for B2B engagement.

How does MarketOwl determine the best time for social media posts?

MarketOwl's AI analyzes user engagement patterns and peak activity times on each platform, scheduling posts to ensure maximum visibility and interaction for B2B audiences.

How can MarketOwl enhance my brand's presence on LinkedIn?

By consistently posting tailored content, MarketOwl boosts your LinkedIn profile's visibility and engagement. This regular activity contributes to an increase in your Social Selling Index (SSI), enhancing your brand's credibility and reach in the B2B sector.

What are the benefits of using MarketOwl's SMM autopilot over traditional methods?

MarketOwl's SMM autopilot saves significant time and eliminates the need for deep marketing expertise, especially beneficial for young companies. It starts delivering relevant, organic content right from the next day of setup, increasing platform loyalty and enhancing online presence.

Is there an analytics feature for tracking the effectiveness of my SMM campaigns with MarketOwl?

An analytics feature for content evaluation and future campaign optimization is currently in development and is expected to be included in all paid subscriptions by 2024.